If you wish to start counselling don't hesitate to contact me- you are very welcomed. I will invite you for an initial session to briefly discuss what brings you to therapy. The meeting is for both of us to see if we are a good match as client and counsellor. It is important that you work with someone with whom you feel safe and comfortable.
We will discuss your expectations, needs and we will agree way of working together.

Dependant on what brings you to therapy we can work long-term, short-term or in a goal-focused way.
Session lasts 50 min and we will meet weekly. I am not available at the moment to see clients twice a week, I am sorry.

I offer therapy in English and Polish.

Fees: Initial session - 35£

Regular session - 45£



I am seeing clients in Watford and Hayes offices.
Please contact me for further information.


I am unable to provide you with support outside the pre-agreed time of therapy. In the event of an emergency, please go to A&E, call the Emergency Services 101 or visit your GP.

In Case of Emergency

Halina Sladetcheck
tel: 07840971599