About me

It's wonderful to feel great! I wish I could feel like this always!
Unfortunetely, often it doesn't last long. Sometimes life can give you a kick...or two.And you feel like you lose control and you are being pushed from place to place.. You are not the only one feeling this and you can get your life back!

I am an Integrative counsellor and I work in a person-centred and humanistic way. Person- centred means that  I am going to focus on you - with all your preferences and characteristics. In the room I believe we are equal, you are going to experience yourself through a holistic approach. I am going to facilitate the process for you and accompany you on the journey. There will be no advising you what to do, rather I will ask you some questions regarding your problem so you can find your own answers and solutions.

If you find yourself feeling low, depressed, unmotivated, avoiding people, feeling lonely, lacking something- not knowing what, feeling the void within and medicating yourself by excess of alcohol, food or drugs or if you have lost someone close. Sometimes we wonder how life is going to be now- it is a good moment to reach for help and start talking therapies.

Counselling needs your commitment and courage as some of your life experiences might need to be revisited, however it is not always necessary. If some of your memories are too disturbing and you prefer them to be left alone stabilisation might be a better choice here. Whatever your decision is, I will make sure that the process is going to be tackled gently, safely and at your own pace, in the right time.

People who experienced talking therapies say that the encounter was beneficial, rewarding and often life changing. Many clients report feeling happier and more accepting of themselves as a result of their treatment.

I am a registered member of British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and I abide to their Code of Practice.
I have Diploma in Integrative Counselling and am in ongoing training with Babette Rothschild on trauma-Somatic Trauma Therapy.
I work in mental health, in private practice and I volunteer for Mind, Hayes. I have previously volunteered for CGL and Harrow Bereavment Care. I gained there a priceless opportunity of working with a wide range of people from different background and of different world view.
On a daily basis, I work with people suffering serious emotional pain and break down.

I am a member of Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals.
I have been working with people suffering from different types of addiction- alcohol, drugs, food, sex or gambling

I receive regular training and supervision. I also stay updated on new methods and research findings regarding mental wellbeing.

Halina Sladetcheck
tel: 07840971599
email: halina@watfordtherapy.com